About Us

A family owned business, The Nutcracker, owned by Robert Newman, has been in Crieff High Street for some seven years.  However, the opening of the Nutcracker Christmas Village at Muthill Road in Crieff will be the UKís largest, permanent, dedicated Christmas shop.

Founded in 2001, the Nutcracker also has shops in Edinburgh, Callander and Stratford-on-Avon.  Robertís wife and two daughters work for the business. A former care worker, Robert opened a small gift shop in Crieff and on a visit to a Birmingham gift show he was overwhelmed by the Christmas gift section and decided there and then to open a Christmas shop.  He phoned his wife the same day and got her to start looking at premises and by the end of the week they had the shop.

He receives letters from all of the world about the Nutcracker Christmas Shops and has many regular clients.

Naturally, Robert also collects nutcrackers!